A quick reading for March 2020

This reading originally appeared in the March 2020 newsletter.

Winning of any kind involves sacrifices. At first glance, the difference between ‘winning at a cost’ and ‘winning at any cost’ might seem trivial, but deeper inspection uncovers stories of lives and careers, shattered and broken. In the conflagration of a blinding obsession and quest for power, people cease to be people. rather becoming objects merely helping or hindering progress.
-Davide and Esther De Angelis

In looking at March, I pulled the 5 of Swords from Davide and Esther de Angelis’ Starman Tarot, and it’s quite fitting. We are sliding rapidly into a place where the blind ambition of business is in direct conflict with the well being of the world’s population. While both of those links are about the United States, it is equally applicable to global politics.

While we might think we are easily able to change the trajectory of big business, we can use this as a reminder to look inside ourselves. We are each the microcosm that is reflected in the macrocosm around us. Take this month to examine where your ambition gets in the way of your compassion, and evaluate if that’s really the person you want to be. As each of us shifts our relationship to compassion and ambition, because we are the microcosm, the world around us will start to shift. You are not as powerless as you have been led to believe.

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