About Hosting Events

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Event hosts are responsible for setting up a venue, directing people to the registration page for the event, helping to promote the event, and making arrangements for Ayamanatara’s lodging, if necessary. In return, event hosts can either get a substantial discount on the event or, sometimes, a free session with Ayamanatara. Compensation will be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the event host at the time of initial contact.

Acceptable venues for events depend on space requirements, but local metaphysical shops, community centers, clubhouses, and large living rooms will all work. Depending on the weather, outdoor venues may also work. Event hosts should discuss options with Ayamanatara at the time of initial contact.

If you are providing food or snacks, please include drinking water and some form of red juice that is low in processed sugar (pomegranate is always a nice choice). Please also be aware that Ayamanatara is allergic to wheat (including soy sauce and modified food starch), raw tomatoes, oranges, grapefruit, melon (except for watermelon) and all food additives, including MSG, nitrates, and sulfides, as well as THC. She also avoids alcohol and artificial sweeteners. Protein-based foods are most preferred after an event.

Ayamanatara is also environmentally sensitive. Please avoid nag champa and all patchouli-based incenses, and ask attendees to be as scent-free as possible. Please do not smoke (anything) or vape (anything) in the same space as her. Ayamanatara will usually provide her own incense; please let her know if any attendees are allergic to sage or lavender, or have other environmental sensitivities.