Catalog of Classes

I have been studying with Ayamanatara as a teacher for about 6 years at this point. I’ve been very impressed with how she blends authentic education on various cross-cultural practices with a sense of connectedness to current events, understanding of the demands of contemporary life, and an urgent sense of creating increasingly inclusive and socially safer, more-conscious spaces for her students and in the metaphysical community. She has an eclectic body of knowledge of multidenominational practices but also makes sure to offer practical tools with all of her teaching material. For students in longer-running courses, she also makes sure to allow for check-ins related to the spiritual work she is facilitating, which I’ve found to be so incredibly supportive and an incredible lifeline. Her approach is compassionate, intelligent, culturally conscious and conscientious of her privilege while also able to speak to some issues of marginalization as well. For metaphysical work, her classes tend to be quite data-heavy, so don’t be intimidated, but come prepared and with an open mind and ears. You will really feel like you’re learning something that’s facilitating your growth.
-IrinaXara, Los Angeles, CA