Ayamanatara offers weekly online guided meditation sessions by donation on Tuesdays at noon (Pacific). She is also currently offering an online Sound Bath on Saturday evenings. Please see the calendar for more information.

Meditations for purchase:
The Source is no longer available at CD Baby, stay tuned for new offerings
* Singing Bowl Meditation, done in-studio, on the Spring Equinox (2014)
* Singing Bowl Mediation, recorded in July of 2012
* A second Singing Bowl Meditation, recorded in January of 2013

The Pain Series:
* Blessing the Pain
* Breathing Into the Pain
* Controlling Pain
* Reducing Pain
* General Well Being

Other Guided Meditations:
* Completion
* Goals
* Boundaries
* Energizing
* Heart Healing
* Willingness
* Temple of the Heart

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After years of struggling to meditate and practice mindfulness, I met Ayamanatara, and after a brief discussion, in which she listened and suggested another approach, I booked a appointment. We deeply discussed my issues and personality and approach to spirituality (she’s an INCREDIBLE listener) and she walked me through a different method of meditation that was profound and has worked for me ever since. She broke down walls and beliefs I had about meditation and taught me some fantastic tips and tricks to manage my emotions mindfully in a way that worked for me, using a more somatic approach. She’s also practically my therapist! She has a wonderful, loving heart and knowledge and love for humanity, and both listens and gives sage advice (when requested) that is incredibly valuable. She’s amazing. Whether you want a more scientific approach like I did, or a more spiritual approach, she adjusts to your preferences. Totally worth it!
Sarah-Jane in Los Angeles, CA

Your guided mediation helped me figure out what my new path is. Thank you and yay!
-Hui Rorabaugh (Los Angeles)

I attended several of Ayamanatara’s guided group meditation classes. One in particular stands out where she had us go into a crystal cave and have a friend or loved one stand on a crystal table and send healing to an area of pain. I did visualize a friend of mine who had a painful arm and continued the instructions of the meditation. The next day I asked my friend if she felt a difference in her pain. And to my amazement she said that the previous evening (we checked the time and it was exactly when the meditation took place) the pain in her arm suddenly left.
-Barbara in West Los Angeles, CA