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Natara is amazing! I knew I wanted a spiritual wedding and to incorporate my Native American ancestry but wasn’t sure how or where to start. Natara shared some great ideas and was so helpful in guiding us, not only with the planning but with keeping us present and calm during our special day. I’m so happy that she was able to officiant our wedding.
-Celeste V, Torrance, CA

Ayamanatara has changed my life. She has been my mentor, and have been enrolled in her classes for years. She is so knowledgeable and her energy is indescribable. I am so grateful for her.
-Kiara Akasha, Santa Clarita, CA

Natara is a gem among gems. I’ve been lucky enough to take part in a weekslong training and also meditations that have greatly impacted my overall sense of self. She is also a highly sought after minister and I was incredibly fortunate to benefit from her guidance when I had friends ask me to perform their marriage ceremony. So much love!
-Nicholas C, Los Angeles, CA

One of the best teachers I’ve ever had!
I started taking Natara’s monthly experiential Kabbalah class in January and my life has completely changed in these last eight months. I’ve learned more about myself and how to navigate through this life with grace and compassion while cultivating my soul’s power and connection to the Divine.
The Sound Bowl and meditation evenings are out of this world! I wish I could attend every single event she hosts, as there is an immense wealth of knowledge to be passed down from her and every encounter with her teaches me something new about myself and my journey. She’s amazing!
-Lisa J, Glendale CA

Your guided mediation helped me figure out what my new path is. Thank you and yay!
-Hui Rorabaugh (Los Angeles)

I walked into a local Crystal store a couple years ago. Wasn’t looking for a reading, just checking out the goodies. I looked over and there was Natara sitting there almost like she was waiting for me. I sat down and was blown away at how she tuned into what was going on with me and what was blocking me. Since then, she has helped me immeasurably with healings, intuitive guidance, and sometimes just blunt practical advice. I recommend her highly to anyone looking for guidance or healing. Her classes rock too!!
-Michael Phelan (Los Angeles, CA)

Natara, one of my customers purchased your Meditation CD two weeks ago. She came in yesterday raving about how wonderful it is and how it has helped her with meditation. She said that she liked the first 3 meditations best and her husband like the grail meditation. Just wanted to pass on these kudos!
-Penny at The Ruby Dragon (Morro Bay, CA)

Planning our wedding was one of the most stressful activities I have ever had to do. In the hubbub of coordinating contracts, family, friends, and finances to create what is meant to be one of the most significant days of a lifetime, what you appreciate the most are the people who do not add to the challenge. Happily, Natara was one of those people. From the moment we hired her to create and perform our wedding ceremony I knew that I had solid portion of our event that I need not worry about. The peace of mind was priceless.

Not only did she fullfill our needs, but in the ceremony she was mindful of respecting our families varying belief systems, relieving any potential discord. In this, as all aspects of customizing our experience, Natara was extremely diligent. After the ceremony we were overwhelmed by the compliments we received on her work. It is truly exceptional when folks enjoy the ceremony as much as the celebration to follow!

Exceptional is the best way to describe our experience. Thank you so very much again from the bottom of our hearts.
– Laura and Jeff Holton

Ayamanatara helped make my wedding ceremony the sacred and magical day that I had dreamed of. Her words and her actions in holding sacred space on that day helped my husband and I make our vows in a truly spiritual and special way. I can never thank her enough.
– Angela N. Hunt

Things are already better. I realized I had been living out of a place of fear and anxiety for the last 6 months. Once I shifted this to love and kept reminding Elmo of this over the last 24 hours, we are so much happier. This morning I went outside to get him for breakfast and he wasn’t hiding- he was just cruising around. Then when he saw me he came at me with a big smile and a tail wag- no cowering!!! Thank you for you help!
-Jamie in Brentwood

Your bowl is a masterpiece. Sensual wonderful powerful efficient. Love the lil howlite birdies and the ocean glass and all the colorful shells and the aura marbles and pearls… it’s a dream bowl. There’s a bunch of love and devotion in it.
– Fabienne Abt in Los Angeles, CA

Thank you, Ayamanatara, for a wonderful session. You are truly talented. I have had tremendous clarity and an increase in my energy since our session. I’ve also been blissfully sleeping. Thank you again. Keep spreading all that wonderful energy.
-Keicher at Everyday Zen Studios in Long Beach, CA

Natara’s teachings and guidance over the years have helped me to discover the beauty around me and in me and through me. Her Reiki classes are fun and approachable. My annual “month by month” reading is one I look forward to each year. I give her my highest recommendation for helping you along your spiritual path.
-Michael in Phoenix, AZ

I found Ayamanatara’s “Emotional Root Cause of Disease” lecture to be fascinating and very applicable to my life and those of my friends. Ayamanatara is an excellent speaker; easy to relate to. This time was a gift to me.
-Cheryl Pearson in Sitka, AK

‘Natara has had a profound impact on my life. Her guidance has helped me tremendously throughout the years spiritually, emotionally, and physically. She has acted as a teacher, counselor, and healer for me, and my quality of life is vastly improved thanks to her.
-Todd in Fresno, CA

Ayamanatara is a talented healer who brings integrity, wisdom, and humor to her service to others. It’s always a pleasure to work with her, as not only is she both reliable and ethical, but she doesn’t hesitate to tell hard truths when necessary.
-Val in Diamond Bar, CA

Working with ‘Natara in class and in private counseling has been both a humbling and an empowering experience. She has a gift for nurturing while encouraging her clients to take an active role in improving their own lives and the lives of those around them with greater awareness, knowledge and empathy. Everything just seems to fall into place when she’s around: group dynamics, timing, information — everything. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a spiritual guide with a truly holistic approach.
-Daniel in Savannah, GA

Ayamanatara has helped me put situations in a different light. She has helped me with dream interpretation as well as a few readings over the years. I have actively kept her words in mind as I moved through the situation and found that it was the best thing I could have done. She has been very friendly and accommodating whether our conversations were in person, through email, or over the phone.
-Linus in Rochester, NY

‘Natara has an innate talent for reaching into you past what you can see yourself, and helping bring to light the necessities for change and healing. Her guidance provides one with the tools necessary to know oneself better, grow spiritually and emotionally, and perceive the inner and outer worlds with a perspective beyond one’s own ego.
-Evelyn V. Trester in the DC Metro Area

‘Natara was able to explain mystical teachings in a way that made sense to me. If I didn’t understand, she would explain the concept with a different example until I got it.
-Simon in Pasadena, CA

Ayamantara’s Reiki I class opened previously unknown potential within myself. As I practice to master what I learned there, I anticipate what will come with level II.
-Bill Walter in Eugene, OR

I found her classes to be organized in a way that was solidly informative and yet fluid enough to accommodate individual student’s interests and questions. The classes were also facilitated in a way that utilized students as resources that could contribute to the overall dynamic of the classes and enriched them. The most interesting part was that she was able to turn the class into a support group that carried on a monthly exchange of information and a sense of community beyond the framework of the class. As a teacher, Ayamanatara is a wealth of information and energy and an excellent facilitator.
-MM in Los Angeles, CA

I hosted an evening with Ayamanatara last year. Not only were people amazed by the information she delivered, but they were fascinated with how channeling works. She answered all of their questions and helped them gain a deeper understanding of the process. Her private readings were very specific and accurate. We are inviting her back again.-The Sea Goddess of Morro Bay, CA

I attended several of Ayamanatara’s guided group meditation classes. One in particular stands out where she had us go into a crystal cave and have a friend or loved one stand on a crystal table and send healing to an area of pain. I did visualize a friend of mine who had a painful arm and continued the instructions of the meditation. The next day I asked my friend if she felt a difference in her pain. And to my amazement she said that the previous evening (we checked the time and it was exactly when the meditation took place) the pain in her arm suddenly left.
-Barbara in West Los Angeles, CA

I see ‘Natara on occasions for readings and for healing. The information I gather from the readings help me put things into a better perspective as well as helping me with clarity of issues. The healings help relieve stress and help my overall well-being. I also appreciate the advice and suggestions that Natara gives after each healing. She is very personable and has always been there for me on different levels. She has been a great spiritual guide for me the past few years.
-Joyce Kew in Lancaster, CA

After 14 years in LA pursuing an acting career, I was skeptical (yet always love hearing the possibility) that I would star in my own movie and have big breakthroughs in career this year (2003). Ayamanatara did a reading for me at the beginning of 2003 predicting said events and don’t ya know they came to pass! I was the lead in an indy film and had my first breakthrough role on national television!! Yee Haw!
-Mary Salardino in Hollywood, CA

My experience with ‘Natara’s session was mind blowing! What I was told helped me to focus more, and as a direct result, I find myself as a stronger person. I also felt compelled to open myself up to the gods I serve for channeling. It has been a wonderful experience so far and the wisdom I have gained is priceless! Thank you so much ‘Natara!!
-Krista Cagg in Olympia, WA