[Meditation] Replacing unhelpful thoughts

I’ve uploaded a new visual meditation for replacing unhelpful thoughts to YouTube. I’d love to hear (read) about your experience with it, if you would care to share! I upload a new meditation to my YouTube channel every Wednesday, and I’ve got a Meditation Playlist, if you’re looking for a collection. The recordings are from…

Mars in Aries – the long read

I keep saying I’m not an astrologer (and I’m not, in the current understanding of the title), and then I write posts like this. Mars just entered Aries and, because of retrograde patterns, will be there until the beginning of January. Let’s break that down. Aries is Mars’ home. In traditional astrologer terms, Mars rules…

How to Make a Choice Between Anger and Fear

Anger, as I keep saying, is merely a call to action. Yes, it can mask other emotions, and it’s still a call to action. You can channel the passion and energy of your anger into empowered forward motion. Fear, on the other hand, is a call to inaction; when you are in fear, anxiety, or…

Using Emotions Effectively

Your emotions are the mind’s interpretation of the sensations that come from the chemical reactions in your body, which happen in response to stimulus. Someone says something to you, your chemistry reacts, you have a sensation, which gets interpreted by the mind and becomes an emotion. That emotion invokes thought patterns. You can choose to…

The Masks of Anger

Anger frequently masks other emotions, especially if we had parents and peers who didn’t do emotion well when we were children. Here are some solutions to re-empower yourself.

Anger and Fear

Anger and fear often go hand in hand. Here are some ways to use that to your advantage.

Our relationship to anger

In a vacuum, anger is merely a call to action, a push or surge of energy. If we don’t know that, we don’t know what to do with it.