Discounted online sessions during the COVID-19 outbreak

As more and more people are dong their best to not spread the virus by staying home, I am doing my best to still make myself available to you. Keeping that in mind, for a limited time, I am offering discounts on online sessions of various services, as follows: Coaching – 20% off – Usually…

Good news! I am able to take on some more clients!

I will no longer be in Malibu three days a week, which means I am more available for private clients. I will be conducting regular office hours at The Crystal Matrix Center in Atwater Village on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Shamanic Practitioner Certification 2019

In 2017, I offered a pilot program, training Shamanic Practitioners. It was a success, and I have been asked to offer it again. With some additional experiential knowledge under my belt, I have revamped it somewhat and will indeed be offering the program again in 2019. Additionally, I will be bringing back my series in…


Empowerment is the key to transformation. Are you ready to be truly powerful?

Regression During Retrograde

As we move into Imbolc (traditionally 2/1, astrologically 2/3), with Mercury (logic, communication) Retrograde in the visionary sign of Aquarius, and the push-pull on our emotions of having both Mars and Venus in Pisces, we have an amazing opportunity to push through old blocks and health old wounds. If you’re feeling like perhaps your old…