Not-Quite-Weekly Wrap Up

Some reading material: New Neuroscience Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make You Happy I’m linking to this mainly because the reasoning for Batman & Robin being pagan tickles me The Language of Grief What it means to hold space for someone Astrology : Optimism and dreams vs cold hard reality

More Reminders to Self Care

This week’s link list is yet another reminder to practice self care, because it’s really super important right now. Here are more tips and tools, and some data to back it up.

Here, Read This

Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children’s genes Beware the return of the world’s most powerful climatic phenomenon On grief 6 Destructive Ideas Perpetuated in Western Culture Seeking the Roots of Compassion in Paganism How to move forward when you have hit rock bottom

Winding Your Way Around The Web

On saying “no” 7 things happy people don’t do On Lughnasadh Holiday Sacrifice Mormon church releases photos of Joseph Smith’s seer stone An Orchestra Brings Whales to the Surface Honoring or Appropriation? Labels Like ‘Alternative Medicine’ Don’t Matter. The Science Does. The Deep Well – Great Heart Society Pagans have crises of faith too

The Wild World Web

Consider this a month’s worth of links… How City Living May Be Harming Your Mental Health, And What You Can Do About It How the kitchen is the heart of the community 9 ways lack of sleep is ruining your health Lughnasadh decorations Clearing negative beliefs about money Changing our views on fat will improve…

As I Wind Through the Virtual World of the Web

…these were the links that caught my eye to share with you… Photographer creates stunning images of Orisha Insect magic and folklore Weeding as a magical working Grief: A Working of Love July Horoscopes from Damanhur A Ritual to Stimulate Creativity (spoiler alert: it’s one of mine)

The Quasi-Weekly Post of Web Links

As I putter around the web, I make note of links that might be of interest, and share them here… Magic and Mysticism in Heathen Ritual Empathy My First Ars Goetia Why eating local honey won’t cure your allergies Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy decreases anxiety and depression in patients with bipolar disorder Your Tiny Amygdala Could…

Possibly Pertinent to Your Interests

A great video piece on the art colony where we’re going to be building the Shamanic Labyrinth Infectious, un-self-conscious enthusiasm 7 ways to boost self-confidence Music therapy for coma patients On Place, Pagan Values, and Politicizing Paganism Love that Flows from the Heart of the Earth~A Chant 11 Habits of Happy People Sam Berns’ philosophy…

Hey look! Web links! It must be Friday!

I found the reason I had marked the Ides of May on my calendar! Please vaccinate your children 69 Year Old Woman has been living quite well in Germany for 15 years without using money How to Improve Self Esteem Off Grid and Underground Hydration Guide from my favorite acupuncturist The 14 Dos and Don’ts…

As I Was Wandering Around The Web, What did I See?

I spend a fair amount of time on the Internet. Sometimes I find interesting things. Here are some of them: Change your appearance spell Setting up your altar for Beltaine Healer kitty Things to do before 10am Living Tradition Akhilandeshvari: the Hindi goddess of laying in a broken pile on your bedroom floor PTSD sufferers…

Another Tour Around the Web

As I cruise around the Internet, I make a note of links you might find interesting. Here’s this installment! 8 Things to do when you just can’t… What it means to “hold space ” for someone, and how to do it well Beautiful Skin vs An Exciting Life 13 Things to Remember if You Love…