Emotions and Ailments [registration]

From a Shamanic point of view, every physical ailment has a strong emotional root (this does not mean it’s your fault, or that you “aren’t happy enough” or something). Illness itself is viewed as an imbalance created by a separation of body from spirit. The separation is experienced first and foremost as an emotion but, if not fully processed or brought back to balance, the imbalance will become “louder” and begin to manifest on a physical level within the body in order to get your attention.

While this will sometimes cause an injury, we will mostly be focusing on illness in this short workshop. The body itself, and how you perceive the illness, will give you many clues, both about the underlying emotions and about how to process them in order to restore balance. We will be looking at some of the most common correlations between emotion and physical ailments, as well as how to process those emotions in a healthy way to restore balance and create a space for long-term healing.

Because experiential knowledge increases retention and understanding, Ayamanatara may ask for one or more volunteers to talk about an ailment they are currently experiencing, so that we may, as a group, walk through the process of discovery and healing with them. It is common for each person attending the workshop to have a personal experience of healing within themselves.

Sunday, September 10th
3:00 – 5:00pm PST
on Zoom

Investment: $33