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Our virtual circle is Online and/or Phone only – live

Join us for a virtual circle, accessing one of the five aspects of the Goddess, as described in Lasara Firefox Allen’s “Jailbreaking the Goddess” (see below). We will be integrating the energies, astrological, solar, and earthbound, and aligning ourselves to those in order to move more gracefully through the next cycle.

Lasara Firefox Allen wrote a marvelous book called Jailbreaking the Goddess, which offers a fivefold, nonlinear model of the Goddess (and therefore all women), rather than the threefold model, which assumes, amongst other things, that all women breed. Incorporating the fivefold model, we will explore who we are and how we are experiencing our lives. Because this is not a linear or biology-dependant model, there will always be something with which you can identify.

You do not need to have experience with any tradition or path, we request only that you bring a friendly heart and an open mind. To be clear, all women and enbys are welcome. If you are masc and feel called to participate, please let me know and we’ll discuss some ground rules.

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