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I’m probably not about to tell you anything that you, the realtor, doesn’t already know on some level. You leave a trace of your energy on everything you touch and everywhere you go. A person’s home becomes attuned to them – even empty, it still has the feel of those who lived there. If a family moves out of their home in the midst of tragedy or strife, that energy also imprints on the house or apartment. If the people who lived in the home loved it, they’re going to be sad to leave it; that energy also imprints on the residence.

Every person I have ever met would rather, given a choice, live somewhere that makes them comfortable, that feels safe. A place they can easily make their own. A place that fosters relaxation and serenity, or productivity, depending on the resident.

If you clear a space before putting it on the market, it’s going to be more desirable. There is no way for me to prove that it will sell faster, so I won’t insult your intelligence and say that it will. It is, however, going to feel better to prospective buyers.

I offer realtors a customizable houseclearing package to reset the energy of a home going on to the market, and I can also clear a home that has already been sold before the new owners move in, if that’s a service they are interested in. Contact me for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: I am only available for house clearing once the residence or office has been vacated and sanitized.
Anyone in attendance must be masked. I will also be masked.
I only accept contactless payment for this service.