Meditation to both relax and energize

Every Tuesday, I will be doing an online meditation. If you’d like to join me live, or if you’d like to receive the recording and participate at your leisure, you can sign up here.

Good news! I am able to take on some more clients!

I will no longer be in Malibu three days a week, which means I am more available for private clients. I will be conducting regular office hours at The Crystal Matrix Center in Atwater Village on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Water: Receptivity in Being

“And God looked out upon the Waters…” In many traditions, water predates Creation. It is the primordial beginning, the thing that begets life. In traditions that have a balanced masculine and feminine, Water, especially the ocean, is associated with the Goddess. The human body is 3/4 water. Consuming enough water increases our coping skills and…

Transcending the Lower-Dimensional Self

This idea of transcending the lower-dimensional self is something of a misnomer — you have already evolved into a higher vibration. It is merely that you have chosen to hold onto the illusion that was your reality in the lower vibration, and you are therefore unaware of your shift. But you may be noticing that…

Shamanic Practitioner Certification 2019

In 2017, I offered a pilot program, training Shamanic Practitioners. It was a success, and I have been asked to offer it again. With some additional experiential knowledge under my belt, I have revamped it somewhat and will indeed be offering the program again in 2019. Additionally, I will be bringing back my series in…

Full Sturgeon Moon in Pisces

I’m not going to be able to do Circle this month for the Full Moon, so this is a virtual offering instead. According to Darkstar Astrology, “The full moon forms the backbone of a kite (Inside a grand earth trine) The moon is also part of a yod to the North Node.” This prompted me…

A Healing Meditation from Miriam of Magdala

recorded 7/22/18 If you enjoyed this… Beginning in September, I will be offering a monthly event that will be part meditation, part channeling, and part discussion. Miriam of Magdala, the Magdalene, Watchtower of the Teachings, Ethiopian Queen, she who anointed Jeshua Messiah, She who heard teachings no one else did, the Goddess of the Gospels….


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