Clearing Bowls

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Clearing Bowl in a hollowed out book box

These crystal clearing bowls are each one-of-a-kind, whether they are custom made for you or something I already have in stock. Himalayan crystal salt combines with semi-precious healing gems and fragrant herbs to create a tool that is lovely to display as well as to use. All of the crystal clearing bowls will help you ground and clear your energy.

Custom Clearing Bowls start at $65

Portable Goddess Crystal Clearing Bowls are smaller and have lids – perfect for outcall practitioners, taking to ritual or festivals, or even the office! Each bowl is hand-decorated. Starting at $45

Portable Goddess Clearing Bowls

Please feel free to reach out to me via the contact form to see if I have any ready-made bowls in stock or to discuss getting a custom one made especially for you.

Custom Clearing Bowl in a glass fish

Your bowl is a masterpiece. Sensual wonderful powerful efficient. Love the lil howlite birdies and the ocean glass and all the colorful shells and the aura marbles and pearls… it’s a dream bowl. There’s a bunch of love and devotion in it.
– Fabienne Abt in Los Angeles, CA