May 2011 Newsletter

Blessed Beltane, to those of you in the Northern climes,
and a Blessed Samhain to those of you in the Southern Hemisphere!

This last quarter moon is hitting me hard. It probably doesn’t help that I just finished a major project and in the decompression period which always follows. But I am finding that the energy is both sluggish and high vibration, resulting in my wanting to spend more time dreaming, meditating, and contemplating, and much less time actually doing. Naturally, I have a to do list a mile long as a result of the recently-completed project, which isn’t helping my motivation. April and May are also a rough time of year for me, historically speaking.

On a more global scale, we are indeed in the midst of more Shift energy. The storms in the southern part of the US, and the whacky weather everywhere, volcanoes erupting, revolutions on-going… It’s no wonder we’re all feeling a bit ungrounded! The appropriate solution to that ungroundedness is to ground, of course. Dig your hands and feet in the dirt, stomp around, do grounding meditations, hug a tree; anything to get you back into the here and now. You’ll want your feet under you very soon.

Whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, this next weekend is a time of the thinning of the veils. Second sight grows strong. Spirits whisper more loudly. Keys go missing. It’s easy to become melancholy. Honor your connection to the Spirit world, but remember that you did make an agreement to Be Here Now.

Shifting gears…

I am looking at being in Northern New England in mid-June, up in the Bishop/Mammoth area towards the end of June, and back in Phoenix in late September/early October. Let me know if you’re interested in joining me!

I am putting together another Working with Guidance and Introduction to Channeling class in North Hollywood; it has a 6 person minimum, so if you’re interested in being a part of this class, please let me or The Green Man know as soon as possible. Level 2 Channeling will begin in June and happen once a month.


Upcoming Classes & Events

Monday | May 2nd | 8:30pm
New Moon Gathering
Private Residence | Pasadena, CA

Thursday | May 5th | 7:00pm
A 5:5:11 Crystal Bowl Evening of Sound & Light
The Crystal Matrix | Los Angeles, CA

Monday | May 9th | 6:30pm
Purification Meditation
Everyday Zen Relaxation Studio | Long Beach, CA

Tuesdays | May 10th – June 7th | 7:00pm
Crystals: Our Partners for the New Paradigm
Kenneally Acupuncture & Healing Light Center | Santa Clarita, CA

Saturday | May 14th | 2:00pm
Crystals & Stones
The Green Man | North Hollywood, CA

Wednesday | May 18th | 6:30pm
Sound Bath
Everyday Zen Relaxation Studio | Long Beach, CA

Thursdays | May 19th – June 30th (no class 6/16)
Working with Guidance and Introduction to Channeling
The Green Man | North Hollywood, CA

Wednesday | June 1st | 8:30pm
New Moon Gathering
location tba

First Friday | ongoing, starting in June | 7:00pm
Advanced Channeling and Spirit Work
The Green Man | North Hollywood, CA

Please see the Full Schedule on the website for more details!

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