Blog posts I’m chewing on (or, Witness My Process!)

Obviously, I need to write more installations for the stress series. I think the next one will be about sex as a form of stress release. Hide the children.

I’m chewing on a post about communication issues in the context of Mercury Retrograde. I know that the issues that arise during these cycles are already present, but they can get heightened… People hearing what they want to hear, not slowing down enough to voice things clearly (or to listen carefully), jumping to conclusions, expecting people to understand instead of explaining…

I have had enough people around me bring up a fear of spiders recently, that I want to do a piece on Spider, specifically as shadow totem. Spoiler alert: it frequently means you’re supposed to be writing. Some other totem/messenger pieces that are asking to get written are peacock, ducks, and squirrel.

Being that solstice is, oh, now, I can probably let go of a Solstice post for a few months… I do still want to do a piece on making a secular celebration out of high holy days, though.

Other posts bouncing around in my head include: The Science and Psychology of Magick; The Spirit of Place in Urban Settings; Charging for Spiritual Work; and My Philosophy as a Healer.

I’m still chewing on all of these too much to actually write them yet. If you have a preference about any of them, do let me know.

Plus, Spirit has given me a new writing assignment that I’m researching. Feels like it might be a rather large book. I know I need to finish the Faery Spiral series first (on in the meantime), and there are some new guided meditations in the hopper to be recorded.


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