As we move closer to the Eclipse

From the July newsletter:

I’ve been seeing a lot of depression, anxiety, grief, and discombobulation on my various social media timelines. It’s in part due to the political situation, both in the US and world wide, and I think there are more factors at play. If nothing else, the approach to August’s eclipse is becoming unpleasant. Astrologically, the eclipse will be during a Fire Grand Trine, and the Sabian symbol(scroll down towards the end of the page for Leo at 29 degrees) for it is A mermaid emerges from the waves, ready for rebirth in human form. This suggests a lot of transformation potential, perhaps even a moving into a greater consciousness. As with every time we have been offered this opportunity, historically, people either embrace it or they chose to opt out, which usually means leaving the planet. So we’re going through a lot of turmoil.

If you’d like to continue this journey, make sure you’re getting enough rest and eating well; drink plenty of water; avoid depressants (which include tranquilizers and alcohol); stay close to your avenues of emotional support; make sure you are using your daily practice to create foundation every day; keep an eye on your health; and cut yourself and others some slack. Stay away from drama, wild accusations, vendettas, and untempered anger – this may mean making sure you are meditating on a daily basis. Did you know that, if you meditate daily, you only need to put in 10 minutes to experience all of the medical and emotional benefits of the practice? Obviously, longer has its own benefits, but you cannot tell me you can’t find 10 minutes a day to contribute to your own emotional well being.

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  1. Sammy says:

    This is excellent. I will follow up with an email. I was very inspired by your conversation with Karen Tate last week. I came to visit your site and found you and I are thinking of many of the same things…

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