Grandmother Tree

Pincrest Lake

grandmother treeWhile I was in the mountains over New Year’s weekend, I had occasion to commune with a tree. To be fair, I had occasion to commune with many trees, but this one stood out. She was large, with a thick trunk, although she wasn’t a redwood. She didn’t have a visible Ent, and yet she called to me, beckoning me closer.

I put my hands on her trunk, and she drew me in. I was going through layers – first bark, then rings, all the way to her core, where I expanded in both directions – down into the earth and her vast root system, and still farther, into the core of the earth; and up into her branches, and still farther as she reached into the heavens. She was made of love. Her energy was much faster than that of most trees with which I have communed, almost as if she was a herald for the rising vibration of the planet.

I felt like we had blessed each other, and I was suddenly aware of the people I had come with, and I left her.

If you are ever out in nature, and a tree calls to you, don’t ignore it. They usually don’t call to you without reason, even though we are cousins.

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