The coming Mercury cycle

2/10 we enter the pre-shadow of Mercury retrograde.
3/5 Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks.
4/17 Mercury leaves the wake.

All of this will happen in Pisces.

“Wait!” I hear people exclaiming, “What’s all this extra stuff? I thought Mercury was just retrograde for 3 weeks at a time!”

Yes, and… It’s a cycle, not linear. When any planet goes retrograde, it actually goes through the same span of the zodiac three times: forward, then backwards, then forwards again. Evolving Door says “The station of any planet is a time of intensified energy. The planet has stopped moving along the zodiacal path and seems to hover for up to several days before it resumes movement in the opposite direction. A planet’s motion is slow enough before and after the station that its effects can be felt” for that whole cycle.

Don’t panic. No, really, I mean it. Mercury Retrograde is not the big demon everyone says it is. (go read the link for basic MRx strategies)

Because the whole shebang happens in Pisces, this is going to be more feel-y than think-y. Or, rather, because Mercury rules thoughts and communication (and things involved in that), you’re going to be thinking with your feelings and about your feelings. Which basically means processing. So, get prepared by making a list of all the things you think you’re still carrying around – all your old wounds, that childhood stuff, your last three partners… What haven’t you processed yet? Because this is a Mercury thing, if you come at it from an organized starting point, it’s going to be easier. You really don’t have to be broadsided by this. Mercury retrograde will always go better for you if you do the work consciously.

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