Tarot Reading for November 2019

The Star, a potent symbol of light and transformation, pierces the mask of the ordinary to release the extraordinary. A powerful conduit of the the Divine radiance, she moves effortlessly between the personal and transpersonal realms, embodying and transmitting larger than life energy. Fully cognizant, she is a divine vehicle and catalyst for the star energy in others.She lives into the incredible freedom and expansion that the energy offers her and trusts it completely. Her Presence is felt, charismatic, a great lightning conductor.

So often in life, we see the Star up on stage, shining their light, forgetting the tremendous focus, determination, self-control, and sacrifice that is required to light up the world for us. Starlight travels through time and space, the emissary of the celestial realm, pure source of creative flow igniting inspiration.

Know this Star quality is available to you – the extraordinary that lights up the ordinary, exposing the magic that is always available in your life. A renewed sense of purpose and creativity suggests that it is time to reveal your hidden talents and shine brightly. There is much you can offer that will be gratefully received.

November looks like the beginning of a palpable turning point for so many people in this world. Focus on how you can shine light, focus on what you do want, rather than what you don’t want, focus on your joy rather than your fears, and this will be the beginning of a spectacular new chapter.

The card is from The Starman Tarot by Davide and Esther De Angelis, copyright 2018, Lo Scarabeo srl, all rights reserved. The Starman Tarot Limited edition has been printed in 3000 copies, and three different series. In Los Angeles, you can purchase a deck from The Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village.

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