This is going to be a fascinating Mercury Retrograde…

Mercury went retrograde at 6:05pm PDT on Tuesday.

Before you go and panic or running around like your hair is on fire (I mean, yes, people are making right turns at high speeds from the far left lane, but), let me offer you a few pieces of information.

  • Because of the ebb and flow of energies, you have actually been feeling the energy of this retrograde somewhat since September 23rd.
  • Mercury Retrograde can actually be a positive experience if you let go of your control issues.
  • I realize you probably don’t believe me, but it’s true.

    First of all, this is the break everyone is always asking the Universe for. Ok, so yes, we’ve been in a pause for 7+ months, so that might not be as exciting to you as it might otherwise be. But it’s possible that you might get a break from the chaos.

    Secondly, the energy in Mercury Retrograde gets really thick; that’s why people think everything grinds to halt. You just have to move slowly and deliberately, consciously if you will, to get things done, and avoid shortcuts. This also means that it’s a really good time for manifesting; watch where you put your energy, because that’s what you’re feeding. Focus on what you do want rather than on what you don’t want. Get others to do the same, especially if you are like-minded.

    Now on to why I think this is going to be fascinating…

    First of all, this MRx is going to bring up a lot of Scorpio energy (and some Libra, but it’s the Scorpio that interests me), which is also the sign the Sun will be moving into in abut a week. Scorpio is a passionate sign and has deep waters; it is intense; it wants to be alone and think, ponder, assess, and it feels deeply. So don’t try to problem solve or make things happen, don’t get into the chaos, ruminate, chew on things in a useful way, consider what your next plan of action might be. Actually, before that, stop and ground and focus on your breath. Look at how you got to where you are now (on all levels). Tie up loose ends. Now you can consider new things. Don’t do them, just consider; all while focusing on what you do want, not what you don’t want.

    Mercury goes direct on Election Day (for the US), and we will continue to feel its effects until November 19th. I suspect that means that voting will be interesting and vote counting will be interesting. Send your ballots in early if you have that option, after double and triple checking that you’ve done everything you need to. Things to be the slowest during the last week of MRx and its wake. I am dubious we’ll have much of an answer before (American) Thanksgiving. If you’re getting together with your blood relatives, I might suggest a rule of no politics around the dinner table. And please wear a mask. Maybe bring extras and hand them out.

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