Remember the Black Arts Ice Cream Social?

First gathering will be Sunday the 24th. Tell your friends!

A number of years ago, in The Beforetimes, there was a monthly gathering affectionately called The Black Arts Ice Cream Social. It was a monthly gathering in the Los Angeles area that sought to create a strong sense of community for spiritually-minded people who may not fit into the usual parameters of religion stimulated the intellect and the curiosity as much as the spirit; and had ice cream. Because who doesn’t like ice cream? There was often a speaker on a topic of metaphysics, and we would hang out with like minded people and eat tasty desert concoctions. Attire was more bunny slippers than velvet cloak.

Gatherings are not the best right now, and some of us have gotten mighty used to being able to gather virtually with people from all over the world.

BAICS has been reborn – Bring Your Own Ice Cream!

We gather the Sunday after the First Quarter Moon (don’t worry, we’ll list the dates) at 3pm.

There may be a speaker, there may be a discussion topic, or it may be freeform. Depends on the month. We may draw things out of a hat, who knows?

If you’d like to let us know you’re coming, that would be great.
If you’d like to drop a penny in the hat, we’d appreciate it – I think we’re going to choose a monthly charity or struggling shoppe to support. Here’s the page for it.

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