[Monday Message] Cooperating with the Universe

What if I told you that the Universe was a well-oiled machine that allows for Free Will and also offers you the option for the best course forward? It has been my experience that the Universe has our best interests at heart and will always offer us the perfect path. I also believe, fully and firmly, that this is a Free Will Universe; I can always choose something other than the best path, something other than cooperating with the Universe, with no “eternal ramifications,” but it may not be a comfortable road to travel and it may not actually take me where I want to go.

Resistance comes from that part of us which offers only fear based messages. Resistance is the operating system that screams we should avoid growth and healing. It’s also the part of our mind that lies to us. It tells us “it shouldn’t be this way” and “that’s not fair” and also “I’m not worthy” and “I’m a victim.”

You can use your Free Will to choose something else, to be in acceptance of what is, so that you can once again take realistic action. Remember that acceptance does not constitute consent, it merely means that you understand that something is, or has happened; in other words, that you are standing in the shared reality. As long as you are not standing in reality, and actions you take are going to be ineffectual, because they will be based in illusion, and are therefore illusory themselves. Acceptance is a better tool for change than non-acceptance!

Once I am in acceptance, I have the opportunity to cooperate with the events in my life, to see the next indicated action, and to be more comfortable and more empowered. When I am in acceptance I am present. I am aware. I can see the path the Universe offers me, a path that I agreed upon before I can into this lifetime. On this track, the wheels are greased, it is easy to move forward. Roadblocks are illusion and I can walk through them with ease. Changes and course corrections are equally simple.

All that is required of me is willingness – a willingness to grow, a willingness to believe that the Universe has my back, and a willingness to honor the path I have already chosen. From that point, the next indicated action is always obvious. If there is no next indicated action that I can see, I can sit and wait until the action is presented. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with pausing and doing nothing. We are human beings, not human doings. And I can tell when I’ve not taken the path offered; I become uncomfortable at a soul level, cranky, and nothing seems to work.

If you need a more practical application of this idea at first, ask yourself the following questions. If you answer them in writing you might come up with more useful and actionable answers.

  • Where do I fight the events of my life instead of flowing with them, accepting them, and making decisions based on reality?
  • Where do I unnecessarily fight the people in my life from a place of ego? Would I rather be happy or right?
  • Where do I forget to listen to my heart and go charging forward, even though I know in my gut that my actions do not support my growth?
  • Happy travels!

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