[Monday Message] You Are Responsible to the Greater Good

You are responsible. It is part of your job, as a human being, to be conscious in word and deed. Be conscious of what is going on around you and speak up when injustice happens, while understanding that your value system may not be shared by everyone; honor people’s agency and let them tell you what they need, rather than assuming. Be conscious of your own actions and strive to act like the enlightened person you are working toward becoming; we can absolutely act ourselves into Right Thinking. Emulate a kind, compassionate, thoughtful, empowered person, even if you’re not feeling it. We are all responsible to make sure that we leave the world as we found it, or better. Looking around, I’m aiming for better.

You are responsible, to yourself and to others. Remember the principle of as above, so below; everything operates on a microcosm-macrocosm principle. When you allow your power to be taken away in one area of your life, that message resonates through your entire being, and other areas of your life are affected. Giving your power away in a relationship can result in physical illness. Not voicing your truth in the community can result in feelings of powerlessness in work or at home. Stand in your integrity. Stand in your power. Lend your power to those who have less power than you. Use your privilege to help those with less privilege, again remembering to ask them what it is they need rather than assuming. Maybe do some research and read what countless disadvantaged folk have written about What Can Be Done, rather than getting exhausted people to repeat information you could find on your own.

You are responsible. When you allow a community to be whittled away, bit by bit, you allow its strength and power to be whittled away. Just because the part that is being eroded is not a section that you identify with personally doesn’t mean that it is not going to affect you in the long run. You may not even realize it. When people’s freedom is impacted, no one is free. When there is not equity, there is inequity for all. We are all connected. When we lift up all members of society, society is lifted up.

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