[Monday Message] Perceptions

Expectations create your perceptions. Perceptions define your experience. Your world is made up of your experiences. You are absolutely a co-creator of your universe!

What if you expected miracles? Not miracles defined by you, those are wishes, and they can limit the possibilities.

What if you expected the Universe to have your back? Not according to your script, which, again, is limited, but according to a script of unlimited possibilities?

What if you expected to have a good day? What if one bad thing didn’t change your expectation of the entire day?

Everyone knows at least one person who is negative, always complaining about events, and rarely dong anything solution-oriented. They are a victim of their own lives. And what is different between that person and the optimist, who always looks for the positive, who approaches every challenge in their life with enthusiasm? Their perceptions, their perspective, their expectations.

If you instead take a positive approach, if you expect good things, if you look for solutions, for win-win situations, you take your power back from the negative noise in your head.

Consider taking the approach, when discussing the events in your life, of spending one third of the time on the problem/difficulty/challenge and two thirds of the time investigating the solution. This has the power to change your outlook immensely.

Change your languaging. Problems become challenges, or even opportunities, for learning, for change, for growth. Uncomfortable change is definitely an opportunity for growth. Look at how you talk about your life and choose your words more carefully, in order to reflect an optimistic attitude.

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