A Solar Flare is about to hit Venus

SpaceWeather tells me (and you) “A big CME is about to hit Venus. A CME billowed away from the farside of the sun yesterday, Aug. 30th, and it was spectacular. Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) recorded a full halo storm cloud. If Earth were in the crosshairs, we would be bracing for a strong geomagnetic storm. Instead, Venus will absorb the blow. NASA models show the CME making a direct hit on the second planet.

The Venus impact on Sept. 1st (~0600 UT) will not cause a geomagnetic storm. It can’t. Venus has no internally-generated global magnetic field. Rather, the impact will erode some atmosphere from Venus’s unprotected cloudtops–a process that does not occur on Earth.”

But let’s look at this from an energetic and astrological point of view. Venus correlates to relationships of all kinds, and how you approach interpersonal connection. It also correlates with passionate creativity, which is throat chakra, which is also about how we put ourselves out into the world. In some mystical traditions, Venus is the stage in the evolution of the soul that must be Mastered before coming to Earth as an enlightened being.

This solar flare, an explosive reaching out from a higher manifestation of our own heart, is going to tear off some of the atmosphere (which is a protective coating, like skin) of how we relate to the world. During the Shadow of a Virgo/Libra Mercury Retrograde.

What to do

Breathe and ground. A lot.

This is a great time to do some introspective journaling about how you relate to yourself and others, how you put yourself out into the world, and how you voice your truth.

Try not to react to people. Pause. A lot.

Do as much self soothing as possible.

If you are someone who has chronic pain, you may find yourself in flare up. Honor that and be kind to yourself.

If you do find yourself triggered, please reach out for a consultation, or seek outside assistance from another practitioner. Feeling supported is super important right now.

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