An Invocation of Hermes to Protect Immigrants

I don’t make a habit of reposting things by other authors wholesale link this, but this is important to get out to as wide an audience as quickly as possible. Original post here: A spell to protect immigrants and refugees, especially those fleeing harm, and to encourage global fellowship and healing via the invocation…

The dilemma of spirituality

I truly believe that the reason people choose fundamentalist religion over more flexible belief structures is because they are easy. There is little, if any, self examination required, no experimentation to see how a concept feels or fits into your framework. You’re not expected to create or maintain a relationship with your spirituality beyond following…

Techniques for processing trauma and stress

On Monday I posited that we need to teach people to better process trauma and stress. How do we do that? Being present, being familiar with being present, and being able to bring oneself back into the present are a good place to start. Every time you ground and center yourself, you bring yourself more…

Understanding where the imbalance is

A friend of mine asked, in a fit of frustration, “What is wrong with people?” I suspect many of us ask that several times a week in various scenarios. Sometimes the problem is us, sometimes it is Them. Our frustration with other people boils down to not having an understanding of the root of the…

Spring Energies (from the March newsletter)

The Spring Equinox (3/20 21:58GMT) is about balance. The days and nights are equal in length right now (depending on where you live), and non-Christians around the world tend to celebrate fertility at this time. Even the secular version of Easter is all about fertility. Eggs! Bunnies! Springtime! To me, Spring is the beginning of…

Conscious Gardening: BAICS recap

Every third Sunday of the month, a group of us gets together for community, learning, and ice cream; we call it the Black Arts Ice Cream Social. It is open to the public. We have a short presentation on the topic of the month, followed by discussion and general fellowship; there is also a raffle….

The Masks of Anger

Anger frequently masks other emotions, especially if we had parents and peers who didn’t do emotion well when we were children. Here are some solutions to re-empower yourself.

Our relationship to anger

In a vacuum, anger is merely a call to action, a push or surge of energy. If we don’t know that, we don’t know what to do with it.


Empowerment is the key to transformation. Are you ready to be truly powerful?

Heart Energy (from the February Newsletter)

The end of January/beginning of February marks the first fertility festival of the year, frequently called Imbolc, which means “milk of the lamb.” In my head, it’s when the snowdrops begin to emerge. Obviously, I didn’t grow up in Southern California, and the weather isn’t what it used to be anywhere, really, so I might…

The World is Not Binary

Viewing an issue as involving only two choices creates unworkable limitations. Stand up for change.