Changing the world through sacrifices

What if you were making the sacrifices you’ve been making, not from a place of fear, but from a place of empowerment?

What if your sacrifices could fuel a paradigm shift of epic proportions, where inequality and bigotry had no place in the system?

How would you view your situation then? How would you use your time? Where would you set your focus? Would your priorities change?

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t trust the Universe to work perfectly, here are some ways this could be true:

– Some First Peoples believe that the spirits that help us feed on pain. Maybe your discomfort is fueling some supernatural assistance.
– Sacrifice can fuel energetic shifts. Why do you think the act is referenced so much in sacred texts? Enough people are making sacrifices that this shift could be HUGE.
– Historically, when people have little left to lose, they can accomplish great change. Examples include the fall of Apartheid in South Africa, Haitian Independence, and the fall of the Shah in Iran. The US economy, by all sane measurements, only works well for about 50 families. The changes have already started with monuments to racism toppling, a number of major cities changing how they task their police departments, how they find them, and how they hold them accountable.
– We have proven that we can change how we do things, so the inertia has shifted.
– We can stop damaging the environment and therefore ourselves.
– We can set up work and education differently.
– We can absolutely make sure that every person has access to health care, for the good of everyone.

Why not at least allow for the possibility? What could it hurt?

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