The timeline possibilities – finishing out 2020

Spirit asked me to look at the timeline possibilities going forward. I want to preface this by saying that (a) anyone who tells you they can accurately predict the future is trying to sell you something and (b) the farther away from NOW one tries to look (when looking forward), the less chance for accuracy is possible. There are just too many variables, this is a Free Will Universe. So I’m focusing on the next 6 months, although I will give a general overview of the themes of the next 4 years, because that’s how long this paradigm shift is going to take before we’re out of the rough stuff. Think about it as going through “turbulence.’’

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In October, the US has a chance of realizing we can’t do it our way and alone and starts to look for assistance outside of ourselves, but it may be too late. If localities (counties, states, or even regions) can cordon themselves off, they’re going to have a better chance.

I feel like fascism gets thrown around a lot lately, and it has muddied the waters, so let me go with Robert Paxton’s definition:

a form of political practice distinctive to the 20th century that arouses popular enthusiasm by sophisticated propaganda techniques for an anti-liberal, anti-socialist, violently exclusionary, expansionist nationalist agenda

There is a strong possibility that October is when those violently exclusionary tendencies become clearer in this country. Some people have been seeing them for a while, true. Let’s just say it ramps up.

Come November, people will be looking to their own communities and not focusing so much on things outside of there. Being that this is the month of the National Elections, that could be good or it could be bad. I keep seeing a strong possibility of protests, and there may be a catalyst for that beyond voter suppression, a food crisis, and generalized fear. If the military is asked to step in, you might be surprised by the results. In any event, I’m going to suggest that your strength will come from allowing your circling-the-wagons to be inclusionary rather than exclusionary.

December. I keep hearing “The transformation is complete” – could be good, could be terrible. Hard to say. I feel a little like this is the transformation to fascism, because it’s too early for a major shift in paradigm to be completed. You don’t turn a tanker ship this fast. In any event, it’s going to be a weird holiday season. I almost feel bad for That One Uncle, he’s going to have his hands full.

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