Abundance Assistance: The Money Tin

It seems like the government shutdown hit a lot of people in the pocketbook. When we get hooked by the idea of lack, it sets up a cascade effect, and increases the lack in our lives. News stories about “not enough money” and a “sinking economy” only feed that. In order to turn your finances around, it is sometimes necessary to reprogram what’s going on in the background of your mind. Visual cues combined with simple actions can do that. A Money Tin serves that purpose quite well.

I find holiday cookie tins to be especially well-suited to this sort of assist. You will also want either a magnet or a piece of lodestone, and your spare change. Anything else that reminds you of abundance/wealth/prosperity will be helpful as well (I’ve got a $2 bill in mine, because I tend to save those rather than spending them, so it evokes the idea of “extra” money). You’ll want to put this in an area of your home or office where you will see it frequently, because part of what it does is reprogram your brain to help you accept abundance. Clear the tin with burning sage, lavender water, or salt, and wipe it clean. Put it where it’s going to go, add the magnet or lodestone, the spare change, and whatever else is going into it. The magnet or lodestone is there to help draw in more prosperity. The spare change is there because (a) it’s metal, and therefore fits in with the magnetic properties better; (b) it’s “spare” (see the information about my $2 bill above); (c) every time you have more change, it’s going to go in there as well, which visibly increases your abundance. You may even find that other people will start tossing their spare change in it as well. If you find cash on the ground, in any denomination, make a celebratory declaration, such as “you found me!” or “it’s working!” and that money goes in the tin as well.

Feel free to play with the money that accumulates in your tin, it can only help. I periodically sort the pennies and dimes (my two favorite denominations for certain forms of spellcasting) by date. Handling the money, viscerally experiencing how much you are accumulating, increases the potency of this sort of work. Building pyramids, making patterns, and counting small groupings (no more than 9) will also help shift gears in your brain.

Never spend money out of your tin because you feel like you have to. That puts you back in a place of lack. I’ll grab quarters out for parking because it’s convenient, but never when I am in a frame of mind where I don’t have any other way to pay for parking. Mostly the money in my tin gets used for magical purposes, not for cash.

There is one exception to that rule. Because my tin sits in my office, it is close to where I process incoming payments, cash and check. Everything that comes in gets a drop of abundance oil* on it and goes in the abundance tin until it’s ready to move to its next location (bank for checks and large amounts of cash, my wallet for smaller amounts of cash). By including my Money Tin in the flow of money in my life, I reinforce it’s purpose and effectiveness. it blesses my money, and my money blesses it.

Inertia applies to energy as well as objects, so it may take a little while to build up the effectiveness of your Money Tin, but once it does, it’s really easy to maintain or even increase your flow. Think of it this way – it probably took you along time to build up negative or unhealthy thought patterns about money, it’s going to take a little while to shift those.

Happy hunting!


* – Abundance oil, in my case, is an oil that a colleague makes, which has a blend of essential oils and mineral essences, designed to attract abundance. You can actually use any scent that triggers thoughts or sensations of abundance for you. Is there a perfume you find to be luxurious? Does the smell of a particular flower evoke feelings of decadence or relaxation for you? The more senses involved in an assist, the more powerful it is, and scent is one of the most powerful senses there is, in terms of triggering memories and thought patterns, so it makes sense to use it here.

There is a secondary assist in play here. By putting a drop of abundance oil on the money that comes in, I am unconsciously reminded of abundance every time I open my wallet. When I deposit anointed checks into the bank, I bless the bank, the teller, and my bank account. When I spend money, I am reminded of abundance, not lack, and I am sharing that abundance with others. You might be amazed at how effective this is at increasing your money flow.

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