October is for releasing and ancestors

I have been so focused on getting everything together for my 2019 classes, and doing current marketing, and actually teaching the classes currently on the schedule, that I have completely forgotten to post. Sorry about that. I feel like we’re in wrap up and catch up energies currently. I’m sure part of it is the fact that October is a grief month for me, so my own personal energy is more sluggish. But it’s also a reflection of the world at large. There has been so much going on that we have no choice but to cut away some of the things which no longer serve us. It happens every year – as we approach the thinning of the veil in autumn, we start releasing so we can be ready to meet the dark of winter unburdened.

On the wheel of the year, between the Solstices and Equinoxes, are four midpoints, called cross-quarters. The veil tends to be thinnest then, especially the ones at the beginning of May and the beginning of November. The ones in February and August have an energy unto their own, which includes a thinner veil, but in a different way. At the cross-quarter in May, the thinning of the veil is more celebratory, and takes on the energy of the Fae. The autumnal one tends to connect us to the Ancestors (both of blood and not). None of us gets anywhere without the help of others. The Ancestors have laid the foundation for our progress. It is important to connect with them in gratitude year-round if we wish their continued assistance; this is the tie when we most likely feel their presence.

Take some time for yourself this month. Sit in silence. Assess what are the things you can let go of, whether they are ideas & beliefs, people, things… Do some work to start releasing. And take a look at what the ancestors have given you. No matter how discordant your family of origin is, there are gifts. What is the energy of your family line? How can it be righted? Go into meditation and ask your ancestors for insight. Figure out what healing needs to happen, and follow that. If you need assistance, I’ll be doing my annual Healing the Ancestral Lineage workshop on November 3rd. Whether you join us or not, the energy at this time is optimal for honoring, shifting, and healing ancestral energies. There are many traditions that offer ways to do that if you look around.

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