Psychic Protection is foundational, empowering information

A lot of people get annoyed when they want to study with me and I tell them they need to take my Psychic Protection class first. They argue that they already know the information. They argue they just want to learn The Thing. Sometimes they just wander off.

Psychic Protection is a prerequisite for so many of my courses because, first and foremost, I have a responsibility to my students. As a teacher, I am responsible for your safety until you learn how to protect yourself. I know from experience that, when someone starts to work with higher vibration information, they become considerably more attractive to non-corporeal critters. Some of these beings are lovely. Some are not. They also become more attractive to other humans who want to be fed by their amplified energy. And, in working with me, people become more sensitive to energy, and it’s nice to have volume control, aka boundaries.

Secondly, if I teach this course periodically, I can keep my other classes shorter, because I don’t have to go over this information every time. I also don’t have to be repetitive with my students who take more than one course with me. And some people actually only want this information.

I have interviewed people who have take a protection class elsewhere, and most of them do not have the information I feel that they need for what I teach. This is no judgment on anyone else’s class. It’s just that those classes do not meet the requirements for foundational information in my coursework.

I teach the class in a number of ways, because not everyone learns the same way, and not everyone has the same sort of time availability. At the end of 2018m I taught it as a two-day, weekend intensive. Starting this week, I’ll be teaching it as a three-session evening class, every other week for 2.5 hours. I have an ongoing opportunity to take it as a self-directed, online course. And I will likely be offering it again live toward the end of the year, although I haven’t decided in what format. I will also be teaching my Level 2 Protection class, which is about houseclearing and houseblessing, the first weekend in July; obviously, level 1 is a prerequisite for level 2.

My Psychic Protection course is designed to be useful to people who want to expand their practice, as well as people who are new to metaphysical classes. I come at the information from a place of empowerment, rather than a place of fear. It’s practical and, like all my classes, data-heavy. We go over information from a number of traditions so the student can figure out for themselves which techniques work best for them. I use real world examples, and we discuss students’ own experience and challenges. I approach protection from the perspective of clean it, learn to keep it clear, and then how to establish and maintain good boundaries.

The class that begins Tuesday, the 26th of February, still has a few spaces available. When people sign up in advance, I can make sure I have handouts for them. Although this is not an issue for this go around, if you want a class to happen, please sign up in advance — it’s how I count reservations, and if I don’t have anyone signed up in advance, classes will usually get cancelled, several days ahead of the start date.

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  1. Greetings Ayamanatara,

    Are you giving the Psychic Protection Class 1 live online? I’m interested in learning more. Thank you,

    1. ayamanatara says:

      Hi Lee!
      I hadn’t planned on webcasting this one, but I can probably set that up. We start tonight. Can you attend all three sessions?

  2. patty says:

    hello when will you give this class Psychic Protection again?

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