Flashback! St Antony of Egypt in 1998

I’m in the process of moving some blog posts around over on The Crystal Matrix, in preparation for a seekrit project, and came across a channeling I did with St Antony. Timeless advice:

October 1998
A word from Spirit: St. Anthony
Channeled by Ayamanatara

The balance of the Universe is such that, in order to bring new (and often better) things into your life, you must first make room for them by getting rid of the old. This is the lesson taught to us by the proper breath: you bring in good air and when you are done with it and have received that which you needed, you release it in order to make room for the new. Think upon what it is that you have recently released from your life, bless it and welcome the new that is coming. Things recently released can include associates and friends, personal possessions, old ideas or beliefs, responsibilities which were no longer strengtheningā€¦ It can also be a releasing or detaching form close friends of family members to allow them to walk their own path and, by doing so, according them respect. This is a time of Giveaway, of cleansing, of purification. In order to prepare for the shift, it is vital that you now freely release that which no longer serves you. By opening yourself up to change, you are honoring the cycles of the Universe. Release with joy, knowing that what will come to take its place shall further your path and serve you better!

St. Anthony of Egypt

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