Tarot Reading for September 2019

Princess of Cups

Princess of Cups from the Starman Tarot by Davide & Esther de Angelis“A gentle, delicate being, the Princess of Cups is finely tuned to the watery world of emotions. Perhaps naively, she wants to believe that a Utopia is possible, a world that is abundant with love, light, and peace. When she discovers the world can be a dark and deadly realm, the shock reverberates deeply into the core of her being until it’s almost unbearable. How can human beings commit such acts of negligence, hatred, and terror? How can they embody so much anger and ill will?”
-Davide & Esther De Angelis “The Starman Tarot”

Well, that isn’t encouraging. For those of us who were hoping for positive change, it certainly isn’t coming this month, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

From a Spiritual point of view, the current turmoil has several purposes:

(1) Think of it as a healing crisis – you have to bring the infection to the surface and lance it in order for real healing to occur, and our cultural wounds are very deep and very old.
(2) We are all being offered the opportunity to find out just how deep our compassion and love really are.
(3) This is an opportunity for shift. We have been offered several over the course of my adulthood; most of those have been along the lines of sudden events, and we have briefly shifted, and then dropped back into same-old-same-old. This is a longer lasting opportunity, which means the compassion and unity generated might actually stick.


Blessed are the Victims, for they are offering us the opportunity to raise our vibration (although perhaps not consciously in these bodies);
Blessed are the Witnesses, for we are being offered the opportunity to raise our vibration;
Blessed are the perpetrators, for they are taking on the karma of these acts in order to offer all of us an opportunity to raise our vibration.

This reading originally appeared in my September Newsletter

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