Working with the Faery

Faery ShamanismA new version of my Faery Shamanism class begins Tuesday, September 3rd. There were, as of this writing, a few spots let. Please contact me if you’d like to join us.

Swirl and swirl and swirl
The energy spirals in
The energy spirals out
Everything glitters
If you look at it close enough
Swirl and swirl and swirl
Crystals and molecules
Atoms and snowflakes
What are you seeking?
What do you have to offer in return?

Faery Magick is, in essence, a Shamanic tradition. It is a symbiosis in and with nature. Part of the downfall of humanity has been our separation from our environment. It is in reconnecting to the nature in our lives and in our world as a whole that we will redeem ourselves and save our species (the planet will do fine without us). More than that, it is reestablishing that connection that we save our very essence. The Faeries have much to teach us in that regard. They are innately connected with everything around them. Part of what they want to teach us is how to reestablish our link with nature and, in doing so, to raise our vibration back up to a level where we instinctively understand how everything works as a solid whole.

You are a being of light. The experience you have, of being in a body and separation, is an illusion, a projection of the mind. As long as you treat the illusion as reality, you limit yourself and stunt your growth.

You are a being of light. The truth of the matter is that you are without limit, without end. You transcend space and time. You just are. The more you raise your awareness, the more you allow yourself to just be, the more you will experience your true self, and all of this will make more and more sense.

You are a being of light. You are both the most dense substance in the Universe and the most etheric. You are the transmission and the carrier. You are what allows this Universe to exist and that which calls it into being.

This is an excerpt of my book: Faery Spiral Volume 1

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