Working with the Faery

A new version of my Faery Shamanism class begins Tuesday, September 3rd. There were, as of this writing, a few spots let. Please contact me if you’d like to join us. Swirl and swirl and swirl The energy spirals in The energy spirals out Everything glitters If you look at it close enough Swirl and…

The Cross Quarter in the beginning of February

The beginning of February (2/4 this year) is one of the cross-quarters (the midpoint between a solstice and equinox) of the year. The two in May and November mark the thinning of the veil; some people know them as Beltaine (or May Day) and Samhain (or Halloween, or Dio De los Muertos, or All Saints…

Summer Harvest

Summer Harvest, otherwise known as cutting things back a bit, is underway in the Faery Garden. The Elder had taken over the sidewalk again, the Rosemary was encroaching on the Lavender, the one Lavender bush was taking over a path, the Citronella was taking over a different path, the Fennel was doing what fennel does,…


Empowerment is the key to transformation. Are you ready to be truly powerful?

Echoes, Water, and Fire: The Full Moon in Pisces

We are approaching Autumnal Equinox, when the world hangs in perfect balance, out of time, for an instant. As October’s Full Moon is close to the Equinox, and is therefore the Harvest Moon, this is the Barley Moon, It more temperate climes, it marks the beginning of the corn harvest and when we dry herbs….

New Merchandise Available!

I recently got back some things from a venue that closed: Faery Crystal Bags, powdered incenses, and some small crystal clearing bowls. If you’re interested in purchasing something before I put it up in the sales section, drop me a note.

Plant Hike

I went on an amazing plant walk in Malibu Creek State Park this weekend, facilitated by Tellur Fenner of the Blue Wind Botanical Medicine Clinic & Education Center in Ukiah, CA.