The Cross Quarter in the beginning of February

The beginning of February (2/4 this year) is one of the cross-quarters (the midpoint between a solstice and equinox) of the year. The two in May and November mark the thinning of the veil; some people know them as Beltaine (or May Day) and Samhain (or Halloween, or Dio De los Muertos, or All Saints Day…). The ones in February (Imbolc, Candlemas) and August (Lughnasadh, Lammas) offer us the opportunity to get more present and aware of what we have in the here and now. That by no stretch of the imagination means that your intuition will fall away. In fact, I find that the more present I get, the more accurate my intuition becomes, because it’s less subject to my filters. You see, when I am present and in the moment, my negative ego is not my main operating system, which means my filters, aka all the garbage the noise in my head creates, aren’t in operation.

February is a great time to look at what tools you have, internal and external, that improve your life and help you grow. What are your skill sets? What’s in your emotional and spiritual tool box? What pieces of technology do you use to help you be more mindful, more efficient, more conscious?

This was originally part of the February Newsletter. I have added a few things here and there.

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