The solar wind is coming! The solar wind is coming!

So, I received an alert from SpaceWeather:

During solar minimum, long-lasting holes open in the sun’s atmosphere, releasing streams of solar wind into space.

A large hole in the sun’s atmosphere is facing Earth and spewing a stream of solar wind in our direction. Polar geomagnetic storms are likely when the gaseous material arrives on Jan. 31st or Feb 1st. There is a chance of G1-glass geomagnetic storms.

We’ve seen this hole before. It opened in the summer of 2018 and has been spinning around as the sun rotates, lashing Earth with solar wind approximately once a month. The last time our planet felt its gaseous emissions was on Dec. 27-28, 2018.

Looking back at my records, the 27th & 28th of December were somewhat trying. People around me were on edge, sensitive, easily wounded, and prone to burning bridges.

You might ask “Why should I care about solar wind?”

On a spiritual level, the planet Earth can be seen as an aspect of the higher self of much of humanity. The sun can then be seen as a higher aspect of self, as it’s the heart of the solar system; there is a strong connection between Sol and our own hearts. So when the energy from the heart of the solar system bombards the higher body (and our bodies, too, but I’ll get to that in a moment), the body becomes overly sensitive. And as above, so below – we get more sensitive too. Solar activity that spikes, whether it’s a solar flare or solar wind, can make us jangly, sensitive, easily distracted, and generally overstimulated. Conversely, some people feel super tired, especially if they were already run down or fighting off a bug. Big feelings may come up. We’re more prone to accidents, big and small.

When Sol aims her energy at Terra/Earth, she can be seen as trying to jolt or shock us into a course correction.

On a purely physical level, when we are bombarded by solar activity like this, even by a minor storm, it affects the electromagnetic field of the planet, which, in turn affects our personal electromagnetic fields. When your electromagnetic field is hit like this, you might feel more easily overwhelmed; some people get amped up, others need more rest. If you, like me, have issues with electronics, those issues might be heightened.

Under these conditions, I generally recommend:

  • cut out all processed sugar
  • eat as close to raw as possible, and up your protein intake
    • Fruit is your friend. Lightly steamed veggies, too. Avoid things that are too acidic (or too alkali), difficult to digest, or that take a long time to digest.
  • drink a lot of water with lemon (if you’re not on any prescription medication, grapefruit will also work); the more hydrated you are, the easier it is to bring yourself into alignment
  • ground ground ground ground GROUND
  • double up on your spiritual foundation – prayer, meditation, ritual, BREATHING
  • do some modified sun salutations (Reach up, and feel yourself connecting with the energy of the Sun. Grab it, and pull that down, though the top of your head ~crown chakra~, and down into your heart center. Let it pull you into alignment. Then send it down your legs into the earth. Do this three times.)
  • be kind to yourself, and kinder to others, since they will be feeling jangly without any idea of what’s going on or how to handle it
  • and move slowly, and with purpose
  • Look for a post in the next few days about the beginning of February, which may intersect with this quite elegantly.

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