Summer Harvest

Summer Harvest - the plants are taking over!Summer Harvest, otherwise known as cutting things back a bit, is underway in the Faery Garden. The Elder had taken over the sidewalk again, the Rosemary was encroaching on the Lavender, the one Lavender bush was taking over a path, the Citronella was taking over a different path, the Fennel was doing what fennel does, the Wandering Jew and Helichrysum seemed to be mating, the white/purple Sage was too spindly, the Hibiscus wanted trimming, the California Sunflowers we’re a bit too ebullient, and the weeds needed a stern talking to.

Luckily, everything has it’s use. Well, almost everything.

  • The more substantial Elder branches can be turned into wands and staves, with the smaller bits of the harvest going to the community mulch pile.
  • Some of the Rosemary will be dried for incense and cooking, and some will get bound into clearing brooms.
  • I use Lavender in my Clearing Bowls and incense, and I use a small amount for cooking; some will get bound into clearing brooms.
  • The Sage blossoms are amazing for potpourri and Faery sprays; the branches will be used in ritual fire (and maybe a wand, if any of them are straight enough); and the leaves, of course, go into incense.
  • I am going to see how I can incorporate Citronella clippings into the insect repellent I’ve been making. This stuff is great, by the way – a spray bottle of witch hazel with 40 drops of rosemary oil, 4 drops of lavender, one or 2 drops of mint, and one drop of tea tree oil – I’ve had mosquitoes land on me but not bite.
  • Helichrysum is a super high vibration energy cleanser; I like to bind it into ritual brooms.
  • Fennel is great for cooking, and the seeds go in incense as well. I’ve also been known to bind it into ritual brooms as a ward.
  • If anyone has any uses for Wandering Jew or California Sunflowers, please let me know, otherwise the clippings are just going to the community mulch pile, and I would as much as possible of the summer harvest went to a primary use, so to speak.

The Mint was trying to take over the ramp to the front door, but it’s blooming and bees love it, so I’ve just been weaving it into the railing.

If you are local and you need any of the summer harvest trimmings, please let me know. I can probably part with some of it for a minimal fee.

I’d love to hear about what your garden is doing this summer!

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