Echoes, Water, and Fire: The Full Moon in Pisces

We are approaching Autumnal Equinox, when the world hangs in perfect balance, out of time, for an instant. As October’s Full Moon is close to the Equinox, and is therefore the Harvest Moon, this is the Barley Moon, It more temperate climes, it marks the beginning of the corn harvest and when we dry herbs. It is a time of faeries who travel in groups and processions. Look for lines of lights in the garden after dusk. It is an excellent time to create more balance in your life; to organize; and to get rid of clutter – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

As the moon is in Pisces, we’re probably feeling a little sensitive. Combine that with the solar flares hitting the earth today and tomorrow, and you may be feeling raw, jangly, and on edge. It’s an excellent time to be creative and artistic, but it may be challenging to be around other people. At a minimum, the wash of Mercury Retrograde is going to continue to affect communications and force us to be precise in our language. According to Darkstar Astrology, this Full Moon is super absorbent of its environment, so pay attention to what you are surrounding yourself with.

There is an echo here from the Solar Eclipse of March of last year. If you can remember what was going on for you in the week before and after, you may be able to unravel any of the patterns that are being repeated to help yourself move forward.

We’ve been walking through fire energy for the better part of a month, so the movement into water is going to feel refreshing. My concern is the drop that we feel when the crisis is over and the adrenaline has subsided. Plus Mercury stationing direct means we’re echoing a little of the Leo eclipse energy, so we’re not floating along quite yet. Your best bet is to combine the Fire and Water energies to create steam, and to use that to power you through your preparations of autumn.

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