The Crescendo of the Year (from September’s newsletter)

September, as I say every year, is the numerological crescendo of the year; whatever theme or energy you have been working with this year will be loudest in September. Universally, 2017 is a “1” year, a time of new beginnings. Your personal experience with 2017 may be different. What have been the loudest themes for you this year? What have you been learning? What have you been looking to let go of? Where have you been challenged? What has flowed well for you? Mercury goes direct on September 5th. There is always a bit of a wash at the end, but you should start to see rapid motion forward by the middle of the month. So whatever has been stuck for the last few weeks may get unstuck, unless the stuckness has been part of your 2017 pattern. The Universe doesn’t do this to make you suffer. When patterns get loud, it becomes easier (and more of a good idea) to break them. So September is the time to try to resolve or heal those challenges we don’t want to carry into the new calendar year.

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