There is more than one way to bear fruit

Titua'AbineThis year, in my Full Moon Women’s Circle, we have been working with the information from Lasara Firefox Allen’s book, Jailbreaking the Goddess. In it, she encourages us to look beyond biology so that we can rehumanize women in our society. As long as women are defined by their “usefulness” to society (through childbearing and giving pleasure), they will be seen as commodities, not people. It further devalues women who do not bear children, whatever the reason. Creativity is more than just the creation of human life. People use the creative goddess energy to bring ideas, projects, art, and solutions through on a daily basis.

I bring this up because this month’s Goddess Healing workshop is the Goddess Healing of Titua’Abine, of Kiribati in the South Pacific. She is a tree and lightning Goddess, which is a fascinating combination, because it gives her a balanced energy not often seen in deities – lightning is symbolic of force/energy/chaos and fruit trees are symbolic of form/receptivity/renewal. The myths tell of her being a gorgeous, red-skinned goddess with blue eyes that flash like lightning. When she was unable to bear children (or bear fruit), it is said, she withered and died, and three trees grew from her grave – a coconut palm (a fruit that remedies systemic imbalances in the body; the tree symbolic of connection with inspiration) from her head, an almond (a yoni-shaped fruit that balances blood sugar) from her navel, and a pandanus (a tree with above-ground roots, central to the local economy, whose flower is used for making a ritual beverage) from her heels (more health benefits of Pandanus here).

The healing she brings is the energy of transmutation, of healing through plant medicine, and of harnessing the energy of chlorophyll for regeneration. In return, she asks her practitioners to be creative, and to foster better harmony with and conservatorship of nature.

Join us, won’t you?

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