You Are Divine

You are Divine.

Don’t believe me?

Let us assume that either the Divine is everything or it is nothing.

It is everything, because what exactly would you imagine is bigger than the Divine?

It is no-thing, because it is undefinable. It is not a thing.

If the Divine is everything. Than the keyboard upon which I am typing is part of the Divine, your water glass is part of the Divine, and you and I are both part of the Divine. You can think of it as being a cell in the body Divine.

Every cell in your body contains the entire blueprint of you; if you had the correct technology and knowledge you could make another you from one of your cells. If you are a cell in the body Divine, perhaps you contain within you the entire blueprint for the All That Is. It is said, in the Abrahamic texts, that God made us in his own image.

So, if you had the right knowledge and technology, you might be able to access all of the power that is contained in that blueprint. Consider the implications, not from an ego point of view, because that puts you back into the illusion of separation, but from a Higher Mind perspective. What if you could literally create worlds and Universes with nothing more than yourself?

What would that look like?

Would it be with words? If you are Divine, what would be your words of power? One might suppose that the most powerful words you could utter would be “I am.” After all, you are Divine. So anything you say after “I am” would be a program, a spell, a birthing of that assertion into reality. But then you might have to be much more conscious about how you use those words of power…

Would it be with your imagination? How would you start? It might be interesting to start from nothing, and create something new, to project your intention into the void, and build an entirely new reality. Because how else would you be able to be sure it was your creation?

Would it be with your breath? You might breathe life into little things you had fashioned with your hands, breathe sentience into them, so they could operate in the new world you were creating. See what they might do, as a form of experiment.

Would it be with cells from your own body? What if you planted your cells as seeds in the right fertile material, to see what they would grow?

I wonder how many different ways you could create…

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