First Harvest Cross Quarter of the Goddess

“Women are the weavers of the Universe; through our bodies we take in pure creative essence and then actively create a dynamic form. Modern women can access this capacity with intention only when we know how to work with the underlying patterns that shape our creative range. “
Adapted from Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent

“To be a gardener. Dig a ditch, toil and sweat, and turn the earth upside down and seek the deepness and water the plants in time. Continue this labor and make sweet floods to run and noble and abundant fruits to spring. Take this food and drink and carry it to the Divine as your true worship.”
Adapted from Julian of Norwich in Earth Prayers

“Let it be known; today the Eternal Feminine
In an incorruptible body is descending to earth.
In the unfading light of the new goddess,
Heaven has become one with the deeps.”
Vladimir Soliviev

This cross quarter is about celebrating our skills and beginning the harvest. Celebrating our skills can be seen as celebrating ourselves as an expression of the Divine. Moon-wise, we are in a growth period, just past the first quarter moon, moving toward full.
• What skills do you value? What skills are you honing?
• What seeds have you planted that you are starting to harvest? What projects are bearing fruit? What can you prune from your life? What are you growing?

The Feminine Divine is internal, she speaks to us through the sensations of the chemical changes in our bodies. Because she is wordless, she will always tell us the Truth.

Ponder: How do we surrender to the feminine divine within and how is that different from surrendering to Self?

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