Invocation to Quan Yin

I call upon the Goddess Kuan Yin,
Mother of Compassion, who hears
And answers the cries of all hearts,
Who carries the pearl of illumination
And pours forth a stream of healing waters.
Bless me with your spiritual peace.
Mother of Mercy
Compassionate Lady Kuan Yin
You who hears the weeping world
And comforts its souls
Come on the dragon’s breath!
Come to answer our prayers!
Come to soothe our pain!
Jade Goddess, who never refuses a prayer,
I ask for peace,
For banishment of fear, anger and hatred.
For your love and compassion
To be poured out upon the Earth and us all.
Gracious Kuan Yin, I ask for your blessing today and every day.

I invite Eagle, Hawk and Owl to be with me, that I might fly high with them in order to see life from a greater perspective.

August is the month of the cross quarter between Summer Solstice and Autumnal Equinox. The Cross Quarters in February and August offer us the opportunity to get more present and aware of what we have in the here and now. This month, I will be offering a Goddess Invocation and entreaty weekly. Perhaps they will serve you well.

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