Connecting Pursuits: A Reading from the Tarot Playshop

I have been reaching Tarot in various forms for a number of years. I currently have a monthly Tarot Playshop, where we focus on the practical aspects of reading; it’s good for any experience level. Anyway, in the course of teaching, at least while we were in person, I always ask my students to submit a question or two to the kitty, so that future students have real questions to work with. In return, when a question gets answered, I try to remember to post the answers here on the blog, so that the querant has a chance of receiving the answer.

The question at hand is

What’s keeping me from understanding the connection between all of my pursuits?

A: The querant is really comfortable where they are and can’t see past their comfort to connect the dots. They need to trust themselves, so that they can put everything together and move forward.

A: The querant is adventurous, but they don’t have it all together just yet. They are a jack of all trades and master of none, but under the illusion they have achieved mastery. They are trying to weave something together that they won’t commit to. If they’re not careful, life will force them into something they don’t want to do because they’re not being an empowered actor in their own life.

A: Someone along the way taught you that you have to work hard for everything you get, or you won’t get it. This created a sense of stuckness and indecision, when all you really want to do is follow your heartsong. So you have all these ways, all these diverse pursuits, where you’re trying to follow your passions, but you feel like you have to tie them all together so you don’t feel like you’re doing it “wrong”. The solution is to love yourself exactly as you are.

If you’re like to submit a question to the kitty, you can do so via the contact form. Be aware that it may be several years before your question gets answered

I am taking names to see who is interested in taking my full length Tarot Class (based primarily on the Rider Waite symbolism) later this year. The class would be online, probably broken into 10 90-minute sessions. If you want to be on that list, drop me a note via the contact form or even comment here. Please let me know if you can do daytimes, evenings, and/or weekends, and what days of the week work best for you.

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