Invocation to The Magdalene

O Kallah Messiah, Anointed Bride,
Lady of Light, Lady of Fire,
Come and breathe upon me,
Come and dance with me;
Take me now into your embrace,
That I might know the fullness of Divine Love,
And be joined to my Beloved, as you are joined in Union
The image of the Human One of Light in the Bridal Chamber; O Magdalene, Tower of the Flock,
Shine among us and bless us,
Anoint me,
So that the Spiritual Sun might shine in me;
Empower me in the Way, Truth and Life Divine,
Open the Path of the Great Ascension to me,
And pour out your Supernal Grace upon all who would receive it,
The Healing Power of the Holy Grail;
O Lady of Initiation, Daughter of Understanding,
Stretch out your wings and send your Light-power,
Speak the Mystic Word and show me Wisdom,
So that I might know the Spirit of Truth;
Ascending and descending, come upon me,
Teach and initiate me in the Way of Gnosis,
Gather me into the Light of the True Cross (Shin-Tau);
O Lady of the Divine Order,
Pray for me and bless me,
Be ever with me!

August is the month of the cross quarter between Summer Solstice and Autumnal Equinox. The Cross Quarters in February and August offer us the opportunity to get more present and aware of what we have in the here and now. This month, I will be offering a Goddess Invocation and entreaty weekly. Perhaps they will serve you well.

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