Sun Rerun: Why Is the Internet Important for Change?

Considering how much time all of us are spending online right now, I thought this might be a good time to repost this article on using the Internet for change.

The Internet is a manifestation of the Fourth Dimension, what some people call the Astral. There is no time, no space, and you are not defined by race, heritage, gender, orientation, religion, or socioeconomic status unless you choose to be. This is not to say that you shouldn’t choose to be, only that you have the ability to not allow others to define you in that way.

Anything, before it can be brought into being, exists as an archetype – you can’t build a chair without having an idea of what a chair is. Those archetypes exist on the Astral. Ideas, concepts, and stories also exist on the Astral as part of the collective consciousness. The more people read/watch/tell a story, for example, the more energy is fed to it; the more energy a story has, the more able it is to influence people, whether by affecting their beliefs and thoughts, or by getting more people to tell the story. If a story becomes very powerful, it can actually manifest itself into the world.

Think of how movies come out in subject groupings. In 2006, The Illusionist and The Prestige were both released. If you talk to the folx at the studios, you find that there are many, many scripts on the same subject that all get submitted around the same time. When that happens, there’s a concept on the Astral that is shouting at writers, and a number of people will write very similar stories around the same time.

These things all mean that the Internet is an excellent place to start to create change out in the world.

  • If we can feed the ideas and concepts of Equality, Unity, Community, Social Justice, and Empowerment on the Internet, we strengthen them; they begin to affect more and more people; and they can be manifested out into the world. This isn’t a theory. Look at Arab Spring, Black Lives Matter, and the MeToo movement. These were all fostered via the Internet, with real world results.
  • The vast majority of people in our society spend a significant amount of time on the Internet, whether for business, education, socializing, or entertainment. If that’s where we are living, that is the best place to reach us.
  • Organizing via the Internet is safer and easier than organizing in person. Yes, we still run the risk of government (and other groups) harassment; there is less potential for physical violence though.
  • Something to keep in mind: we influence the energy of the Internet. It was initially created by the military industrial complex, and has a tendency towards de-humanization. When we bring positive, humanizing energy to the Internet, because it is the Astral, and because you feed what you focus on, we start to shift the energy there, which can snowball in a positive way. Conversely, when we allow ourselves to forget that the person with whom we are interacting is another human being, we contribute to the dehumanization energy. So it is important to be present and conscious when you’re online.

  • Perhaps start by grounding, before you pick up your phone or turn on your computer.
  • Some people find it helpful to set a timer, and every so often check in with the soles of their feet, to make sure they’re still grounded.
  • An even stronger assist can be to, once you are grounded, pull yourself into your heartspace, and use that as your operating system, rather than working from the ego. The heart is our point of connection, and it is much easier to remember that we are all equal and human when we operate from that space.
  • If you come across someone who is Wrong On The Internet, breathe and ground, and maybe even check in with your heart, before responding.
  • If you have some experience working on the astral already, bring your tools to bear here as well. What do you do before you go into the Astral? Do that. What do you do when you come back form the Astral? Do that. Protection, sacredness, opening, closure.
  • Happy surfing!

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