Connecting the Branches: Kicking off 2021

Connecting the Branches is a podcast that looks at current events through a Kabbalistic lens
Hosts: Irina Xara & Ayamanatara

Episode 1 looks at the forecast and gematria/numerology of 2021, Biden’s inaugural address, social media and Zoom, amongst other things

PARENTAL ADVISORY (which we forgot to say until 24 minutes in, sorry) – We Say Fuck.

This podcast will be heavily informed by a socially progressive lens that incorporates racial justice, intersectional feminisms, gender liberation, disability justice and a variety of other topics. We also wish to specify that our thoughts in this podcast are spiritually informed by Gnosticism, various esoteric practices, ethnic and cultural Jewish identity, as well as various witchcraft traditions and other multidenominational practices. Our lived knowledge of Jewish dogmatic practices and especially schools of thought informed by Chasidic interpretation may be limited.

Show Notes Ep. 1
0:00 Excerpt from Excellence from Carpe Diem by The Psyence & Queen Jeht Matous
2:29 January 2021 = in numerology, 5; Leading to the 5 pointed star, otherwise known as the Pentagram
4:43 Hamsa Symbol: the hand of Fatima/Mariam – A protective symbol of the hand

Hebrew Letter Heh8:30 – “The Chronicle Project” – *no longer accessible online
Hieroglyph for “to note – being – to activate”
Definition: to begin to cause notation
or To note

10:30 As a world, we are shifting to an indwelling, receptive Divine (some might call Feminine Divine) Energy, connecting through the heart chakra
18:40 “Better Angels
20:18 Ayamanatara’s 4 part Forecast Blog Post
28:30 The light at the end of the #2020 Tunnel, when the pendulum swings back.
32:20 The debate of using “namaste” at the ending of a yoga session, see Susanna Barkataki. Is it being used correctly and what could we use instead?
34:56 The intake of news/social media and how that is starting to change as a direct result of the last few years.
40:09 The upsurge of Zoom, and the creation of the internet
39:00 “The Social Dilemma
42:13 We find that Ritual works better in virtual space, which resembles much of the astral (lacking time and space)
44:22 3rd chakra is fear based
47:50 The opportunity to reevaluate how we “people” with each other
50:50 Come participate with us next month! Ask Question during the show!
51:56 Instagram Handles:
53:ish – Excerpt from Sound of Change from Carpe Diem by The Psyence & Queen Jeht Matous

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