The current energies are bouncing off of each other

We just got whapped by some solar energy over the last few days; scientifically speaking, it was a glancing blow, but the CME was decently sized, so we definitely felt it. For those of you who haven’t been following this blog for a while, the heart of our solar system is a higher manifestation of our own hearts; what happens to Sol, happens in our hearts as well. So Coronal Mass Ejections can make is itchy or jangly.

Spaceweather notes that there are some shifting energies occurring on the sun’s surface that could lead to more strong eruptions. Even a sunspot group rapidly rearranging itself like this can affect us. Your intuition may be through the roof, you may have excess energy, or you may be having a meltdown. Or all three. Sunspots are special that way, especially when we haven’t had any in a while.

The best things to do for yourself under these conditions is cut out all processed sugar, eat as close to raw as possible, and drink a lot of water with lemon. Utilizing your grounding practice (if you don’t have one, may I recommend one of the ones from my YouTube Channel?), doubling up on your spiritual foundation, and doing modified sun salutations can also be an excellent energetic support.

Do 3 energetic/modified Sun salutations:
Reach up, and feel yourself connecting with the energy of the Sun.
Grab it, and pull that down, though the top of your head (crown chakra), and down into your heart center.
Let it pull you into alignment.
Then send it down your legs into the earth.
Again, do this three times.

In addition to the solar energies, we are coming up on a Virgo Full Moon (around midnight on Friday, pacific time, so we’re already under its influence). This is the last Full moon of the astrological year, and it’s big on tidying up, getting rid of that which no longer serves you, refocusing priorities, and getting conscious of both your physical self and your Higher Self. So you may have some internal pushing and pulling right now. Moving your body can be helpful, as can doing some focused journaling or vision boarding.

As always, cut people some slack – you have more information that perhaps they do – and cut yourself some slack as well. Humaning is hard lately.

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