May 2021: The Veil Thins

May 2021: The Veil Thins…

Most people don’t think of late spring as the time when the veil thins, but we are at the other side of the wheel from the end of October, and the veil thins here too. While in the autumn, everything is dying, in spring it comes alive, glorious and bursting free from the earth. This Cross Quarter is about fertility and sex and passion and life. Some say the faeries return from their winter hideaway and the night is filled with magic and beauty. Others say the spirits of those who will be born the coming year return to the land of the living this day. How will you connect with the other side?

We are also in the 5th month, during a Universal 5 year. That second part means that it applies to everyone, rather than being personal, and we arrive at the number by adding the digits of the year (2+0+2+1=5). 5 is the number of humankind reaching for the Divine. Sometimes, when we reach for the Divine, it is a cry for help. Other times, it is simply a spiritual moment. Sometimes, of course, it is both. A recurring theme recently has been that our expectations dictate our experience, so how do you want to program this for yourself?

If, instead of separating out month and year, we combine them, it becomes One (5+5=10 1+0=1). This month has all of the possibilities of New Beginnings. Fresh starts. Resetting. Planting seeds. Sounds like Spring to me!

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